The capital of the island, known as Thasos, is located on the north side, and offers the visitor a variety of experiences. With numerous beaches along its coasts, Limenas is the ideal destination for those who seek to combine swimming during the day, and cosmopolitan entertainment during the night. The beach café bars bustling with life all day long, while restaurants and patisseries offer unique culinary delights. Limenas market, has nothing to envy from the markets of large urban centers; traditional little shops as well as mass chain stores, meet every requirement.

In Limenas, being the administrative center of the island, are found most public services, several large hotels, and also the old and new port with daily ferry boat and high speed boat services, to and from Keramoti and Kavala ports. In the old harbor, overlooks the famous Kalogeriko, a two-storey traditional building that is used by the Municipality of Thasos as a cultural events hall and occasionally hosts various exhibitions, lectures and conferences. Finally, the visitor should visit the Museum and the archaeological sites of Limenas, particularly the ancient theater of Thasos, since this is a town with great prosperity since ancient times, and thus with plenty and remarkable findings.

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