One destination…endless experiences! Limenaria, the second largest town of Thasos, and one of the most developed villages on the island, attracts hundreds of tourists every year. The famous “Palataki”, the cave just below it as well as the beach of mines, with the long history, the Tripiti beach and the Folklore Museum in the village are some of the places that one should definitely visit. In Limenaria tourists have a wide range of options, both during the day and night! In a walk at the beach of Limenaria you can admire works of the sculptor Kostas Lovulos and taste the traditional Loukoumades at the patisseries of the village.

The major restaurants and the traditional taverns glorify the Greek cuisine, while coffee bars are always packed. The market of Limenaria has almost everything, with shops selling souvenirs to dominate both at the cobblestone streets and along the beach. If you wish to accompany your drink with the company of famous actors you simply have to choose a film in the summer cinemas next to the sea.

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