• Location: Livadi
  • Size: 300 m long and 40 m wide.
  • Orientation: South East
  • Beach Ground: Sand with many pebbles.
  • Water: Sand with a few pebbles. Shallow water which gradually deepens.
  • Distance: 5 km from Astris. 9 km from Potos.
  • Beach Type: Family friendly, Organised beach, Pebble beach, Secluded & tranquil, Beach bar, Showers

Livadi Beach is situated in the east of the island of Thasos at a 20 kilometer distance of the capital Limenas, close to Aliki. It is a quiet beach that is popular with backpackers and campers. The beach consists of sand and small pebbles. The beach is right next to the Monastery of Michail Archangel.

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