• Sardine’s Festival

Sardine’s Festival takes place at the village of Kallirachi and it's organized by the locals. Every year, around 25th of July, and in cooperation with the local fishermen, they offer roast sardines and wine to all the guests. There is also a lot of singing and dancing under the sound of traditional music from local bands. This custom started a long time ago from the fishermen, and it took place after the celebration of St. Paraskeui, so they would have good catches in their nets.

  • August Fire Jump

This popular custom takes place at Theologos, at Limenaria and at Potamia, at 31 of July. The locals of each village, set up three large fires in a row. Then they start to run and jump over them singing a local poem. Around these fires the locals set a table with food and wine for everyone. All tourists are welcome of course to participate in this custom and jump over the fires if they want! This custom is held to dissipate the evil spirits, and to help the ones who jump, to have good health for all the year. At the end of the fiesta, they leave the fires to extinguish and then spread their ashes over the fig trees so the figs will be strong and won’t fall on the ground.

  • The festival of Holy Mary

At the village of Panagia, during 15th of August, there is the celebration of the village’s church. The village was named after Holy Mary (Panagia = Holy Mary) thus the locals are organizing a big festival to honor her. After the march of the Holy Icon around the streets of the village, which the Municipal Band of Thassos escorts, there is a big table at the yard of the church with lots of food (potatoes, rice, beef, and stew) and wine for every guest. There is also lots of singing and dancing.

  • International Festival of Philippi-Thassos

Visit the Official Website of the International Festival of Philippi-Thasos for more information.

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