• Location: Limenas


The Ancient Theater of Thasos is built inside a natural cavity of the hill and leaning against the wall; according to Hippocrates, it must have been built here as early as the 5th century B.C. During the summer, theatrical plays and artistic shows are performed at the ancient theatre. The ascending, especially organized path will lead the visitors to the ancient theater (5th century B.C.) offering a unique view of the sea, which was transformed into an arena during the Roman period. It is worth attending a performance here during the summer. Leaving the theater behind, the path will lead you to the remains of the acropolis and to the temple of Athena, matron-goddess of the town (6th - 5th centuries B.C.).

The ancient market (agora) of Thasos is a favourite destinations for many tourists. You can see it’s ruins as you take a walk in the center of Limenas. The ancient town of Thasos had two ports, one for war ships and one for commercial ones. In front of the first one is the ancient marketplace of the town, the ruins of the ancient Court, the Tholos and a Paleochristian basilica. To the east of the marketplace, heading to the acropolis, you will sea the ruins of the sanctuary of Dionysus (5th century B.C.) and a little further the one of Poseidon (4th century B.C.). Finally, you should definitely pay a visit to the recently renovated Archaeological Museum (tel. 25930 22180), the collection of which comprises of remarkable findings such as “Kriophoros Kouros” (male statue), Venus and the dolphin, Dionysus head, etc.

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