• Location: Limenaria
  • Size: 460 m long and 55 m wide.
  • Orientation: South East
  • Beach Ground: Sand with few pebbles.
  • Water: Wide slippery rocks close to the seaside, sand after them. It gets deep abruptly. Shallow water for a few meters. There are spots with pure sand, such as the east side of Tripiti, which is perfect for children.
  • Distance: 1.5 km from Limenaria.
  • Beach Type: Sports & activities beach, Family friendly, Organised beach, Pebble beach, Restaurants, Beach bar, Showers

Tripiti beach is found at the end of a downward road. Many new hotels are constantly under construction over there. If you visit this beach and you are the adventurous type, explore the caves that have been formed into the huge rocks. They are at the back side of Tripiti beach. Organised beach with umbrellas and deck-chairs that you can rent, with a tavern and a beach bar. It is rest of the beach of Limenaria. It is located 3 km before the entrance of the village Limenaria.


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