• Location: Kastro, Theologos, Panagia, Potamia, Prinos, Kallirachi, Maries.

Hiking on Thasos is a great way to explore the island’s unknown face. Thasos is not just a sunny place with beautiful beaches. Thasos is an island where you can do anything. One of those is hiking. There are wonderful trails where you will discover why Thasos fascinates its visitors. Typical hiking routes:

1. Climbing to the top of mount Ipsarion.

2. A great hiking route starts from the Monastery of Michael Archangel towards Theologos with a duration of approximately 3 hours.

3. Equally interesting is the hiking route from Alykes towards Theologos and vice versa.

4. From the settlement of Potamia starting from the camp starts a very interesting route through the dense primitive forest consisting of huge platanus, chestnut trees and pines.

Thasos rich natural environment is perfect for long walks and hiking. Here are some ideas for your walks:

  • Panagia - Skala Panagia

Starting from the traditional village of Panagia, which is located at the foot of Ipsario mountain, you can head to Skala Panagia village, which is basicly Panagia's fishing port. This is a lovely route which passes through deep green forest of pine and plane trees.

  • Potamia - Skala Potamia

The village of Potamia will amaze you with its traditional plinths streets, as you head to Skala Potamia. This walk will last about 30-40 minutes. After that you can enjoy your swim at the crystal waters of Golden Beach!

  • Limenas - Nisteri - Glifada

Many tourists prefer to walk from Limenas to the nearby beaches of Nisteri or Glifada. It is a nice sea walk where you can see the pine forest and gaze the Aegean Sea as you walk to Nisteri Beach. The distance is not far, about 1 km. If you wish you can continue your walk for another 1.5 km to reach Glifada Beach.

  • Limenaria - Tripiti

Another excellent walk is the one many people prefer to do from Limenaria to Tripiti Beach. You can choose to walk either along the main road, or by the seaside. There is nothing more romantic than a summer walk at Limenaria's long beach during sunset! You can combine your walk to Tripiti with a quick dive, or your lunch and coffe at the beach bar and restaurants which are at Tripiti.

  • Limenaria - Pefkari

An absolutely magnificent path starts from Palataki area at Limenaria and heads to Pefkari. Take a moment to admire the most important sightseeing in Limenaria, Palataki, and have a small walk in the nearby area. Then you can walk to the Church of Saint Nicolas at the top of the hill, and follow the path which will lead you outside of Limenaria. Walking the plinth path which is beside the main road will lead you after 1 km to Pefkari.

  • For more extreme people...

Starting from either Limenaria or Theologos, you can walk to the traditional village of Kastro. Both routes are through an uphill ground road but you will see many amazing areas as you walk. The route from Limenaria is about 11 km and the one from Theologos 9 km.

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