Kazaviti is one of the most beautiful mountainous villages of Thasos. Located very close to Prinos is suitable for tourism throughout the year, as it will travel each visitor to nature and back in time. The stone and wood dominate the buildings of the village and in combination with the rich vegetation of oaks, platanus and chestnut trees give a different aspect of Thasos. This aspect of Thasos hasn't been touched by time and the traditional coffee shop in the village certifies that, the best possible way.

Do not think however that time has stopped forever in this village, as young people with enthusiasm and, above all, love for tradition gave another impetus at Kazaviti by creating taverns offering rich meat dishes as well as rented lodgings for every taste! Finally, the religious element is not missing from this village and a visit to the church of Saint Panteleimonas will reward you.

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