• Location: Limenaria
  • Size: 250 m long and 50 m wide
  • Orientation: South East
  • Beach Ground: Sand with many pebbles.
  • Water: Wide slippery rocks at the first meters of the seaside. After those rocks there is sand all over. Perfect for snorkeling.
  • Distance: 500 m from Limenaria center.
  • Beach Type: Sports & activities beach, Family friendly, Organised beach, Pebble beach, Beach bar, Showers

If you wish to live a unique experience then visit the beach of Metalleia (Mines)! It is located just outside of Limenaria, at the south part of the island, behind the famous monument "Palataki". Here the sand is white, a unique phenomenon of originality and beauty, while the surrounded area is covered with black metal, thus creating a rare natural work of art. Here you can enjoy your swim viewing the remains of the buildings that used to be the workshops where all the mines were elaborated, in an amazing location surrounded by pine trees.

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