• Location: Skala Potamia
  • Size: 2 km long and 55 m wide.
  • Orientation: North East
  • Beach Ground: Sand with a few pebbles at the seaside.
  • Water: Sand. Shallow blue green water which gradually deepens.
  • Distance: Between Skala Panagia and Skala Potamia.
  • Beach Type: Sports & activities beach, Family friendly, Organised beach, Pebble beach, Restaurants, Beach bar, Showers, Blue Flag

Perhaps one of the most famous, and very close to the island’s capital, Limenas, is the beach of the Golden Beach! It is located between the villages Skala Potamia and Skala Panagia. Huge in width and surrounded by greenery, this well-organized beach offers all the amenities for families and youth groups, who seek moments of relaxation in one of the most crowded parts of the island.

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