The “Bad Rachi (ridge)”, seems not to have satisfied its residents, so they abandoned it and built it on the slopes of a hill known today as Kallirachi. Overlooking the city of Kavala, the village consists of the mountainous part, and the Skala, with the wonderful beach. In the mountains, apart from the traditional houses and the small alleys, one can find the Folklore museum, housed in a preserved building of 1880, which narrates through its exhibits the history of the village.

At the waterfront…around the port and along the sea, dominates the “tourist” part of the village. Whatever one chooses, however, will certainly be enchanted, since Kallirachi is one of the most picturesque villages of the island. If you choose the transport of the island, do not be surprised when the bus stops in Kallirachi village at Klisma! This is about a location of the village that is characterized by natural beauty and traditional seafood restaurants.

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