• Location of the Church: Panagia


In the village of Panagia is located the homonymous Panagia church. It is considered by many as the most imposing church of Thasos and of great interest to the pilgrim the fact that while the church is dedicated to the Assumption of the Virgin Mary (Theotokos) at the internal of the temple you will be able to admire an icon of Panagia the Pantovlepousas (Virgin Mary who sees everything). Also, it is worth noting that marbles of Thasos as well as marbles from ruins of ancient temples of Thasos have been used for the construction of the church. Another reason for visiting is its handmade temple, as well as the icons, dating from the 14th up to 17th century, bearing particular historical and religious value. Every year on the day of celebrating Panagia church, the temple “celebrates” with procession of the icon and festival of the believers accompanied with food and drink (kloumpani).


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